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Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Military Families trust shifts to Democrats

via the LA Times article from earlier this week;

Now the disapproval of Bush appears to have transferred to his party. Republican leanings of military families that began with the Vietnam War -- when Democratic protests seemed to be aimed at the troops as much as the fighting -- have shifted, the poll results show.

When military families were asked which party could be trusted to do a better job of handling issues related to them, respondents divided almost evenly: 39% said Democrats and 35% chose Republicans. The general population feels similarly: 39% for Democrats and 31% for Republicans.

"The Democrats are not seen as the anti-soldier group anymore," said Charles C. Moskos, a military sociologist at Northwestern University. He added that Bush's firm backing of the troops did not gain him any points because the entire country was now viewed as supportive of the military, even if not of the war. "He doesn't get extra credit for that."

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At 9:29 AM, Anonymous My Global War said...

Being in the military and having a family, I can say this article is wrong. The dems say all of us in the military do is fail and kill the wrong people. The Republicans at least show us support. The military support for republicns is around in the 70-80%.

At 9:46 PM, Blogger me said...

Thanks for your comments. It is great to have someone representative of this group that was polled giving feedback. I don't think it is accurate to say that this article is 'wrong' based solely off of one opinion however. The LA Times is a legitimate news organization and hired a firm to do polling which has some accuracy to it based on the polling size. If you can provide me some polling information that contradicts the article I will gladly post it as a correction.


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