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Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Rep. Vito Fossella added to another endangered election watch list

Rep. Vito Fossella is among the 14 most endangered Congressional Republicans in 2008.

via the Washington Times;

Rep. Vito Fossella, New York 13th: Mr. Fossella successfully defended this Staten Island and Brooklyn district — New York City's only Republican-held seat — through the 2006 wave by a 57-43 margin. But a Hillary Clinton Democratic nomination could yield a problematic turnout disadvantage.

And as we said with Rudy Giuliani off the ballot Fossella faces a harder race and the Times hints at what Hillary Clinton on the ballot could do to him;

There are anywhere from 14 to 33 potentially endangered Republican incumbents this cycle depending which election-watchers one consults. These endangered seats would normally be unremarkable. They are balanced by roughly as many potentially competitive Democratic incumbent-held seats. At least 90 percent of incumbents typically win re-election. But in a context of more than two dozen open seats, they compound a serious problem for Republicans. The two factors combine to raise doubt that Republicans can hold ground in the House in 2008. It is not too early to reach this judgment. The "terrain" slopes steeply when it comes to the House.

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