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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Upstate special election is bad news for Fossella

Again voters in the state have shown that they are trending Democratic and excited by Democratic pick ups. Today in upstate NY there was a special election in the 48th Senate District. The district on paper is very Republican;

78,454 Republicans
46,824 Democrats
35,000 Independents

Yet went 52-48 for the new state senator Darrel Aubertine (D). To make matters worse the district was hit with terrible weather most of the day and yet a tremendous ground game in large part due to the Working Families Party has put the state senate one seat away from Democratic control. What does this all mean to Fossella? Well it can't be promising. Once again a strong ground operation has helped flip a formerly strong Republican seat. At some point the Working Families Party is going to become a major player in a Congressional race and the 13th seems like an ideal testing ground. If not the whole district, WFP involvement in the race for Andrew Lanza's senate seat, SD-24 would have a net positive impact on the congressional race.

Second, after Republicans were trounced in terms of turn out in the presidential primary in Fossella's district, there are clear signs that this is not an isolated incident. New Yorkers are leaving the Republican candidates they once supported in favor of change promised by Democrats.

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