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Thursday, March 13, 2008

Vito Fossella's ex-treasurer Chris Ward stole $740,000 from NRCC

This story keeps getting better. Today we learn Chris Ward stole $740,000 from the NRCC. via Roll Call;

An ongoing investigation into accounting irregularities at the NRCC has determined that ex-committee Treasurer Christopher J. Ward allegedly funnelled "several hundred thousand dollars" from the NRCC into his own bank accounts since at least 2004. The probe has also found that Ward submitted to the NRCC’s bank and to House GOP leadership "bogus" audit reports for years 2002-2005, with an additional "bogus" audit report provided to the NRCC’s bank for 2006.

An NRCC document detailing this information and prepared for the NRCC executive committee for presentation this afternoon represents the first time Ward has been publicly named by the NRCC as the culprit in the accounting scandal.

Even better possibly than this being Fossella's treasurer is that the NRCC now has $740,000 less to support floundering incumbents like Fossella.

The NRCC's statement. Oh and they lost nearly $1 million in 2006 too. Who wants to take a closer look at Fossella's books?

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At 1:55 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Even better...
The way he swiped the money was to run it through accounts which he had control over. Let's try to find out if he moved NRCC money into and out of Vito's account. If with Vito's knowledge then he's complicit if not then he's a dupe who shouldn't run a candy store, much less a US Cong. office.


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