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Sunday, March 16, 2008

More indictments and more Fossella connections: Greenberg Traurig

Yet another indictment for those close to Fossella and his campaign. via ABC News;

The attorney general for Guam issued an indictment Monday against the Greenberg Traurig firm, Abramoff and a former Guam government official on nine felony counts of theft, conspiracy and misconduct.

Greenberg Traurig you may remember as the law firm that employed Jack Abramoff. Jack Ambramoff and Greenberg Traurig hosted a fundraising event for Vito Fossella back in 2002 at a Baltimore Orioles game. Despite invitations sent out by the National Republican Congressional Committee stating "Join Vito Fossella ... with Tony Rudy and Jack Abramoff for a baseball game", Fossella denies Abramoff was there and claims it was just hosted by Greenberg Traurig with guest Tony Rudy. While that is contradicted by the NRCC let's take Vito's word for it for now and just say the event was hosted by the now indicted Greenberg Traurig firm. Tony Rudy, whom Fossella does not deny was there has since plead guilty to one count of conspiracy and is awaiting sentencing while working with federal investigators. That makes it much better.

see also: VetoFossella.com for Fossella's money trail leading back to these gentlemen.

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