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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Vito Fossella opposes House Ethics Panel

The House passed a bill creating an independent ethics panel after years of inaction by their own ethics committee. Democrats had promised this change as part of their 2006 campaign and after capturing the majority. The final vote was 229 to 182 with Rep. Fossella actually voting in favor of the reform bill. A little insight into his reasoning via Down With Tyranny;

Many vulnerable Republicans in tight re-election campaigns-- from Randy Kuhl (R-NY), Sam Graves (R-MO), Chris Shays (R-CT), Mark Kirk (R-IL), Joe Knollenberg (R-MI) and the Diaz-Balart Brothers (R-FL) to Vito Fossella (R-NY), Phil English (R-PA). Tom Reynolds (R-NY) and Robin Hayes (R-NC)-- were too scared to vote no, well aware it would wind up as an election issue back home.

Don't be confused by his actions though, Fossella has very little concern for ethics reform. Immediately preceeding the vote on this bill Fossella voted in favor of a procedural vote that in effect would kill the bill by recommitting it. That vote passed by just one vote 207-206. So Fossella tried to kill off the Ethics Panel seconds before turning around and voting for the bill out of self preservation. Fossella doesn't support ethics reform he supports keeping his job.

We have seen this many times before. Fossella voted against SCHIP, the children's health insurance bill before turning around and voting in favor of a stripped down bill that saved money. Fossella voted against or refused to support bills to increase the minimum wage six times while he was in the majority only to vote in favor of it after the House flipped and his vote and the bill was clearly passing with a wide margin.

So don't think Fossella cares about ethics at all. It wasn't that long ago that Rep. Fossella voted for H.R. 5, roll call #6, 01/04/2005 allowing Tom DeLay (R-TX) to remain in the position of Majority Leader even if he were to be indicted. DeLay later was indicted and forced to resign from Congress. Fossella had quite the mutual relationship with DeLay taking over $10,000 from his PAC and still refuses to return any of it as if there is nothing unethical about it.

Oh and he is on the DCCC's hit list of the six most ethically corrupt Republicans in Congress.

see also: VetoFossella.com on Vito Fossella's corruption

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