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Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Oil tops $115 barrel, Fossella silent

Oil broken $100 per barrel for the first time ever this year. At $105 a barrel a month ago, Fossella was typically silent. When it topped $110 a barrel a week after that Fossella again had no comment. Today oil broke $115 a barrel before closing at $114.

Hopefully by now you know that Vito Fossella infamously released a press release tirade on President Bill Clinton in 2000 when oil was approaching $30 a barrel;

...the Administration lacks a clear and comprehensive energy policy. Today we are sending a wake-up call to the Energy Department and others that Americans could be hit with escalating electricity rates this summer. Its failure to act following OPEC's production cutbacks last year and its subsequent decision to ignore our warnings of price surges for home heating oil and gas have mired us in this current predicament."

At what point will Fossella heed his own wake up call? My guess is once he can again blame a Democratic President. So January.

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