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Thursday, April 17, 2008

Signs of vulnerability, Fossella commissions poll

I was reading through FEC filings (who doesn't?) and found an interesting bit, Vito Fossella had spent $26,000 on polling back in January. Fossella hired Public Opinion Strategies for an unknown polling opperation;

Now Real Clear Politics has picked this up in their roundup on FEC filings;

Fossella spent more than $25,000 on polling with the very reputable Public Opinion Strategies this quarter, so if he starts hauling in a lot more money and getting aggressive, one could surmise that the poll held at least some bad news that scared the five-term incumbent.

Real Clear Politics was pointing out Fossella massive burn rate on contributions and how Recchia has now passed him on cash on hand putting Fossella in unchartered territory, being behind in the money game. That aside his commission of this polling has to be a good sign for Democrats regardless of the results. You do not spend that money on polling if you are easily going to coast to victory. In August of 2006 Fossella again commissioned a poll which seemed to have indicated potential trouble for him. While he never made any of the results public he did go on soon after to finally agree to debates with Harrison and started making himself more visible in the district. Fossella is doing this eight months earlier than he did last cycle. Consider this another sign of concern for Fossella. No matter how you look at it you can't spin this as a sign of strength.

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