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Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Fossella's drunk drive potentially 10.5 miles long

Today we got a little more information about Vito Fossella's drunken escapades including where we was last known to be drinking and that he and a companion were cut off and asked to leave their final bar. via the Daily News;

A hammered Vito Fossella and a stumbling drinking buddy were asked to leave a Washington bar hours before the Staten Island congressman was busted for drunken driving, witnesses said Monday.

"I can't imagine him [Fossella] getting into a car. They were [both] incapable of driving," Josh Hahn, a waiter who was working Wednesday night at the Logan Tavern, said of Fossella and his plastered pal named "Brian."


Hahn said he helped the men to the street and flagged down a cab for them. It's unclear if the two men got into the cab or walked off, possibly to Fossella's car.

Google Maps shows us that the route from Logan Tavern, in Wasington DC to the intersection where he was pulled over in Alexandria, VA is about 10.5 miles. This is no short ride down the street to the neighborhood bar.

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At 1:23 AM, Anonymous jon said...

10 feet or 10 miles makes little difference. It's not like a speeding ticket, where some places fine you more for each additional MPH over the limit.

He drove drunk. Hopefully he'll serve whatever his sentence is. I don't expect him to resign. The voters in NY13 can make that decision for him.

Hopefully they will, and more because he's a republican with little care for his people, and less because of his errors in judgement.

A lifelong Dem here, I wouldn't resign if I was in a position. Why should someone? If a voting people can overlook an enormous blunder, then that speaks volumes of the person in the position. If a Pol can overcome personal missteps to retain their position, clearly they're important to their constituents.

Unfortunately for Vito, and fortunately for NY13 citizens, it looks like the people could force Vito out with the next election. We can only hope!


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