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Friday, May 09, 2008

Harrison's statement on Fossella

via Harrison's campaign;

It is unfortunate that Congressman Fossella’s indiscretions have now had an impact on so many innocent people and lives. I wish only the best to his family in this time of personal crisis and hope they can see themselves through to a better moment.

The Congressman indicates that politics is the last thing on his mind right now. While I understand that on a human level, the simple fact is that over the next six months, with a looming election, he will have to juggle his congressional duties, the campaign and his personal responsibilities. Only he can decide if he can properly represent the people of this district during this time. He must carefully weigh all his options including resignation or not running again.

If he decides to run, the people will decide in November if his recent behavior and revelations should disqualify him from continuing in office.

There are great issues to be debated in this campaign - the War in Iraq, healthcare, the economy, the environment and energy, just to name a few. It is now my intention to get past this distraction and return to those issues

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