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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

MS-01 special elections and implications in NY-13

Travis Childers (D) has won the special election in Mississippi's first congressional district. What does this have to do with Fossella? Well this is now the third of three special election victories for the Democratic Party in 2008. Every district was a strong Republican district before its seat was vacated. MS-01 voted 11% more for Bush than NY-13. The NRCC dropped $1.3 million of their $7 million into this race tonight hoping to stop the bleeding and failed. Trying to win a special election here would easily cost $2 million that they do not have. At this point they can not afford a special election here in NY-13 and will back off the pressure of forcing Fossella out and quite possibly will be cutting him deals to prevent his resignation before July 1. It is cheaper for them to just fight for this seat once in November than to do it twice in five months.

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