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Sunday, June 15, 2008

DCCC kind of endorses McMahon

The DCCC who to date has not interjected itself in any race that had a competitive primary has now endorsed Mike McMahon;

Council Member Michael McMahon (D-Staten Island) was publicly endorsed June 13 by the Democratic Campaign Congressional Committee (DCCC) in his bid to replaced retiring Rep. Vito Fossella (R-Staten Island/Brooklyn).

The DCCC made an exception to its rule of not endorsing in a primary—McMahon potentially faces 2006 nominee Steve Harrison—but northeast recruiting head Rep. Steve Israel (D-Suffolk) and DCCC chair Rep. Chris Van Hollen (Maryland) said McMahon’s candidacy was a special circumstance.

It is unclear whether they will be offering financial support to McMahon. In the above article Dan suggests that McMahon may receive financial support after winning the primary. Liz reiterates that the DCCC itself will not spend money on the primary but leaves open the possibility that he could be added to the coveted Red to Blue program;

The DCCC won't be spending money on the primary. But McMahon has a good shot of getting into its Red-to-Blue fundraising program (10 candidates will be chosen next week) through which donors are encouraged to give to candidates in key races around the country.

The DCCC's Red to Blue program is a way to show supporters races they believe are top tier and encourage supporters to direct their money to particular races. Meanwhile in upstate New York, where there is another open seat, vacated by Rep. Tom Reynolds (R), just like there is here, there is a contested primary. Jon Powers the leading Democratic candidate has wrapped up every Democratic County Party endorsement as well as many of the major town party endorsements. The DCCC has stated publicly they are not getting involved in that primary; (the original Newsday link is no longer active)

"It's an open process and everyone is obviously welcome to battle it out," Van Hollen said. "Obviously I mention (Powers) only because he appears to have a lot of momentum in the Democratic primary. ...From the national committee's perspective, we are not getting involved in the primary."

Interesting juxtaposition on the two races and major pick up opportunities for us.

update: I had misplaced the source for the first quote above. It was a piece by Dan Rivoli for the City Hall News. My apologies.

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