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Friday, June 13, 2008

Race shifts back in Democrats favor, now "no clear favorite"

CQpolitics for some reasons had shifted their ranking of this race from no clear favorite to leans Republican and is now shifting it back to no clear favorite;

The personal scandal that caused the stunning political downfall of Republican Rep. Vito Fossella, and his party’s stumbling efforts to recruit a candidate to succeed him in New York’s 13th Congressional District, have prompted CQ Politics to change its rating on the race to No Clear Favorite from Leans Republican.

Swing State Project already had this at "toss-up" the equivilent of no clear favorite. As did Cook Political Report. This seat will soon become "Leans Democratic," likely after a strong FEC filing by McMahon and Harrison.

update fixed the Swing State Project link

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SSP link is busted -- ya got an extra br tag in there, dude.


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