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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Fossella's lame duck term

Not having to answer to his constituents this fall Fossella is freely carrying out George Bush's agenda. Today he voted to deny struggling Americans with unemployment relief. via the DCCC;

The Emergency Extended Unemployment Compensation Act would provide economic relief for Americans looking for work.
Extends Unemployment Insurance for 13 weeks nationwide and for 26 weeks in high unemployment states - those with 6% unemployment or higher.

According to the Congressional Budget Office, this would provide relief for 3.8 million Americans.
49,000 American jobs were lost in May, the fifth straight month of job losses. [New York Times; June 7, 2008]
Last week, the Department of Labor announced unemployment reached 5.5% in May, up from 5%. This marks the largest single month increase in 22 years. [Kansas City Star; June 6 2008]
So far in 2008, 324,000 jobs have been lost in America, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics [Baltimore Sun; June 6, 2008]

Meanwhile the soon to be convicted Fossella will receive a pension from all of his hard work in the House and continues to receive the best benefits your tax dollars can get him. Fortunately he will soon he unemployed himself and one can only hope he finds himself in the shoes of those he neglected to represent. Meanwhile voters are being asked to replace Fossella's lack of compassion with Republican Frank Powers, retied Wall Street executive who has so much money he is lending himself half of a million dollars to run for Congress. I am sure he intends to work hard for the blue collar workers of the district.

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