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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Nobody wants Frank Powers, part II

via Tom;

WABC Radio personality Curtis Sliwa, who considered running for Congress here himself, is set to endorse Independence Party pick Carmine Morano in the race to replace GOP Rep. Vito Fossella.

Sliwa had offered himself up as the candidate in waiting for the GOP as all of their other top tier choices were dropping out. Now he won't even support the party endorsed candidate. In December 2006 I commented on the possibility of Fossella losing the Independence Party line;

The ability for the Democratic candidate to pick up the Independence line as they did in 2002 is potentially a large piece of flipping this seat. Along with the WFP, the Independence Party has relative recent growth, compared to the Conservative Party which is on a recent decline. This could be a gain of at least 4,000 votes, if not more.

The Democratic nominee won't pick up this line, but the Republican nominee certainly will not have it, potentially costing them 4,000 votes assuming there is not more voters this cycle than in 2004. The right is split and frustrated at their situation and hopefully will go into November with at least 3 major contenders to split their vote on.

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