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Monday, June 09, 2008

Nobody wants Frank Powers

Not even his son;

An already topsy-turvy political year grew even more so yesterday when Francis M. Powers, the son of GOP designee Francis H. Powers, said he would seek the Libertarian Party line to run for Congress.

some more fun choice quotes from son about dad's candidacy;

"I know his policies. I'm running against someone I know."

"We can't have the Republicans take this seat again," he added. "A vote for my father is a vote for the straight Republican ticket." [emphasis mine]

Fran Powers will need to gather 3,000 signatures to gain ballot access which may be the only thing keeping us from a very entertaining race on that side of the spectrum.

via the DCCC;

"The Bush-McCain Republican agenda is so unpopular that Republican candidates for Congress can't even rely on their own family members for support any more."

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