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Friday, July 04, 2008

5 days left

via the Brooklyn Paper;

Brooklyn’s Republican organization has rallied behind Paul Atanasio, a retired investment banker and registered Conservative, but county chairman Craig Eaton is livid that his Staten Island counterparts have not supported Atanasio — or anyone else — in the race to hold onto the party’s only congressional seat in New York City. [emphasis mine]

“The failure of the Staten Island GOP to put all their resources and effort behind Paul Atanasio is going to give the Democrats a significant edge,” Eaton said. “If we lose, it’s going to be their fault.”

The Republicans are under the gun to get a name — any name — on the ballot. To qualify, candidates must submit 1,250 valid signatures of registered voters by July 10. Typically, twice as many signatures are needed in order to survive the inevitable challenges.

At this point it is unlikely anyone else will be getting into the race because of the immense difficulty that gathering signatures would pose. It looks like with all the attempts to find bad news in the Democratic primary that we likely will be heading into a Republican as well; Wyne vs. Straniere (possibly with a third taking over Powers's spot). Needless to say I am feeling confident with where our party is going.

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