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Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Small sight updates

Over in the right column below Vito's lovely photo is a new category covering the analyst's ratings for this seat. I will still be covering them in posts but to make it easy to see where people project this race going I will keep them over there as well with a link to the most recent post on their rating changes, if any occur.

Also below that is the cash on hand category. I have noted Recchia and Fossella are out but I am keeping their totals and will update those as I am curious to see what happens to that money. I have also added McMahon. He is currently listed as "N/A" because he has not yet submitted an FEC filing. The quarter just ended so there should be some updates with those numbers soon. I will also update the maplight.org widget below with total fundraising numbers for all candidates who file.

note: I still have no clue what is up with the archives not lining up correctly. I have looked over the code numerous times but to no avail. If only blogger had a testing area and changes to the template weren't live. The preview option is really suitable.


At 4:04 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Toward the end of your source code, the first line of the archive section in arrow brackets reads:
div style="margin-left:30px;"

Change that to:
div style="margin-left:30px;" align="RIGHT"

I know that's probably not exactly what you want, but I can't figure anything better either. (You can also substitute CENTER for RIGHT.)

At 9:51 PM, Blogger me said...

Thanks. I found the problem, I had closed the sidebar div tag before the archives so everything after lost its margin formatting.


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