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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Fossella and the financial crisis

One of the side benefits of not having Vito Fossella in office starting next year is that the lobbyist money he has been receiving goes elsewhere and his influence on the Commerce Committee is done. The trouble with Fossella still being in office is one of his last votes in office may relate to our housing and banking crisis and whether or not we move towards fixing these problems, whether to the aid of Wall Street or main street American interests. I am no expert so I will leave you with one quote on why Republicans want him to stick around and the corporate interests also want him around. via the Advance;

Molinari said that the $700 billion financial services bailout being negotiated in Washington gave him further impetus to reach out to Fossella, who is chairman of the Capital Markets, Economic and Information Security Task Force of the House Republican Policy Committee.

Fossella's Financial Industry donors;

Bank of America $41,500
Morgan Stanley $31,500
UBS $28,500
JP Morgan $27,500
Credit Suisse $20,500
Goldman Sachs $17,500
Citi $17,000
Merrill Lynch $12,500
Lehman Brothers $11,000
HSBC $10,500
Prudential $10,000
E*trade $9,000
Bank of New York/Mellon $8,500
Capital One $8,500
Fannie Mae $7,500
AIG $7,500
Bear Sterns $6,500
Charles Schwab $5,000
Fidelity $3,000

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At 12:47 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

More important than what small union endorses somebody, can you please do some serious coverage about how Vito is reacting to the bailout?

Vito sits on these financial committees, he's in an awkward political situation as a lameduck, he has lots of wall street connections, etc.

You should be having a field day with this.


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