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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

LTE: Republicans not backing Fossella

In a recent Letter to the Editor in the Advance a Republican resident writes about her disdain for Fossella;

So Vino Fossella, the "disgraced" congressman, wants to throw his hat back into the ring. A little time has gone by and we haven't really seen or heard from him lately. So are we now supposed to just forgive and forget the shame and humiliation he not only brought down upon himself and his own family, but also for the rest of us who had come to admire and put our trust and faith in him?

He has the chutzpah to go around acting as though nothing happened and he thinks he can now successfully run against the candidate who has already been chosen by the Republican Party to succeed him, Robert Straniere, an honest and hard-working politician who is squeaky clean and has a great track record as a champion of the people of Staten Island for more than a quarter century.

Unfortunately for Bob Straniere his own party leaders think he has his own ethics problems.

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