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Sunday, September 21, 2008

Tom Wrobleski concern trolling over Obama polling in NY

In April I talked about Tom Wrobleski being a concern troll for saying Obama at the top of the ticket would hurt the Democratic congressional nominee despite the only numbers, primary day turnout, showing quite the opposite. Today Tom pushes a Siena poll that shows Obama up 5 points in New York;

Borough Democrats aren't too concerned about polls last week that showed presidential candidate Barack Obama on some shaky ground in New York State and New Jersey.

A Siena College poll showed Obama up by only 5 points over Republican John McCain in normally true-blue New York.

I say Tom is pushing the poll because that poll was conducted from September 8-10. Tom chose that poll because the narrative seems good, Obama could be in trouble in New York. The only problem is that there have been two new polls in New York between that poll and Tom's column running that show Obama up 12 and 14 points respectively. You would have to go back to another Siena poll in April to show Obama with only a 5 point lead. Here is the polling for New York. See if you can find the same reason for concern that Tom found;

So why did he hand pick one poll that would otherwise be considered an outlier instead of saying all other polls and all poll averages show Obama is up double digits over McCain in New York? To borrow from our last post on Tom being a concern troll;

"It seems the biggest thing stopping that is that it wouldn't be news worthy."

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At 10:55 PM, Blogger Rosalie907 said...

Wrobleski and the Advance would like nothing better than Ombama to lose NY. Watch them endorse McCain.


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