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Thursday, October 02, 2008

Canvass this weekend for McMahon

If you want to get involved with this race, or any race, the most influential thing you can do is canvass.  For those of you not familiar with political campaigns, canvassing is simply going door to door in your neighborhood and talking to registered voters, your neighbors, about this race.  Voters are much more likely to be convinced to vote when their neighbors talk to them and explain why they are supporting McMahon.  The weather looks good, temperatures in the high 60's.  If you have some time get out in your own neighborhood and help make sure we win this seat.

Saturday @ 10 AM
Sunday @ 12PM

Staten Island locations
585 N. Gannon Avenue [Google Map ]
31 Water Street [Google Map ]
4001 Hylan Blvd [Google Map ] (Saturday only)

Brooklyn locations
7321 15th Avenue [Google Map ]

if you have questions or to RSVP 

call (718) 916-9080 or

email volunteer@mikemcmahonforcongress.com


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