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Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Fossella makes bi-partisan appearance, unintentionally mocked for DWI

Yesterday in an attempt at showing bi-partisan support for the economic bail out bill in Congress, Vito Fossella and Rep. Gregory Meeks, a Democrat from Queens held a joint conference on wall street. It unexpectedly turned quite funny when Rep. Meeks described the financial situation as such;

"The issue that's before us right now is not a Democratic issue and it's not a Republican issue. It's an issue that we have to resolve so that we can make sure that we stabilize our economy. Everyone is hurting," Meeks said.

Meeks used a different analogy to describe the economy: A drunken driver who has crashed on the highway, with the federal government as the emergency workers who have to clean up the wreckage.

If you were watching cable news yesterday you probably saw Meeks all over tv using that same analogy. I doubt he intentionally used it when standing next to Vito, but considering Fossella's DWI arrest it is all the more humorous.

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