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Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Straniere's remarks

via the Advance;

"We ran a great race, and I have my supporters and campaign staff to thank. But the tides were against us, and due to events largely out of our control -- including the severe downturn in the global economy and the declining support of the McCain-Palin ticket - -things did not go as we had hoped.

"Still, no one thought we could make this race as competitive as we did, giving voice to real concerns and forcing a spirited debate on the issues. While the debate continues, tonight I congratulate Mike McMahon on his win and a well-fought campaign."

I don't want to harp on Bob's loss too much here, but do want to point out a significant reason why he lost. He points out that a down turn in the economy cost him, signifying that people did not believe in his answers to help those in need. Bob's fiscal and conservative ideology lost and by his own admission they are not the correct path when our economy is hurting. He still has no idea what the average American is facing or what needs to be done to offer help.



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