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Monday, December 08, 2008

Fossella appeals

After being found guilty on DWI charges and sentenced to five days in jail, current Congressman Vito Fossella has appealed his sentencing. His appeal means he will get a new trial some time next year that will be heard by a jury. More importantly though it means that a sitting member of Congress who has been arrested, found guilty and sentenced to a prison term will now get to serve out the remainder of his time in Congress while waiting for a new trial. Fossella will likely not be forced out of Congress, will continue to collect his pay check from tax payers and enjoy the perks given to those who are suppose to be in DC representing Americans as opposed to having secret lives and breaking the law. Congress likely won't even hold an ethics investigation that is prompted by any member who is arrested because of the ongoing court case. Congratulations Congressman Fossella on stooping to a new low


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