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Thursday, November 06, 2008

2004 vs. 2008

dem: 105,128 [McMahon] includes WFP numbers
rep: 57,530 [Straniere]
indy: 4,762 [Morano]
con: 5,525 [Cochrane]
wfp: unknown [McMahon]

dem: 72,180 [Barbaro]
rep: 102,713 [Fossella]
indy: 2,663 [Barbaro]
con: 10,221 [Fossella]
wfp: 3,657 [Barbaro]

Without WFP numbers the biggest story here is the poor showing of the Conservative Party this cycle. The Conservative Party went from accounting for 5.3% of the vote total in 04 to 3.2% in 08. Meanwhile the Independence line nearly doubled its voters, the Conservative Party line lost half of theirs. I still have no idea what they were thinking choosing someone other than Straniere or Morano, or even McMahon if you want to go that far. They have hurt their party publicity by not having someone campaigning on their line. If they invested any money, which is unknown, it was a complete waste. This should come as no surprise though as they have been in decline for a while.


At 12:08 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

i had no idea mcmahon was so tied in with lobbyists and the powers that be

talk about "more of the same"



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