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Saturday, January 17, 2009

The bench: City Council District 49 race

With Rep. McMahon vacating his city council seat for an office in Congress its now time to take another look at our Democratic bench in the district. The special election to fill this seat will take place February 24, 2009. Here is a list of contenders so far;

in alphabetical order with party affiliation where known;

Tony Baker (Democrat)
Tom Curitore
Rajiv Gowda
Ken Mitchell (Democrat)
Donald Pagano caution music!
Debi Rose (Democrat)
Paul Saryian (Independence Party)

This race is non partisan so party affiliation will not be presented on the ballot. That said anyone know what Curitore and Pagano are registered as?

Who are you supporting and why?

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At 6:13 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I believe Curitore and Pagano are registered Democrats as well. You also left out Rajiv Gowda. I am backing Saryian because he is a non-politician running a totally non-partisan campaign with backers from both parties. As a recently retired police captain he has a good background in law enforcement and has managed hundreds of people. He's also a fighter who's not going to be afraid to demand Staten Island's fair share of city services. Mitchell seems to me to be a little more laid back. Saryian is a smart, sincere guy who's lived here most of his life and he will definitely be heard.

At 12:31 PM, Blogger me said...

thanks. Added Rajiv.

At 11:44 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Why the "caution music" for Pagano?

At 11:14 PM, Blogger me said...

His site plays music you can't turn off.

At 2:50 PM, Blogger SINYPCRX said...

Tony Baker’s quest for the North Shore City council seat is a natural extension of not only his religious beliefs, but his passion for community as well. Since coming to the Island, he has been an advocate for fairness and a voice for the voiceless. His 20 years of military experience (Sergeant, 1st Class US Army), 30 years of marriage (of course to one woman), 29 years of fatherhood, 12 years as Pastor of St. Phillips, and 8 years teaching in Port Richmond High School, represent just the tip of the man who is Tony Baker. Unlike some of his contemporaries, he is certainly a man of action, far more substance than flash.

Not long after meeting him some five years ago, my initial impression proved true; he is a man who believes in what he says. Who does what he says he will do, and is a living example of what a man today should be. I have seen him stand up for the rights of others, put his own needs aside to help someone, and deal firmly and fairly with those at odds. His leadership has inspired others to do more.

Tony Baker has been a supporter of the existing Staten Island Democratic hierarchy, he supported them personally, as well as giving them all the opportunity to address the congregation with their views, and their plans. These include Matt Titone, C. Virginia Fields, Mike McMahon, Steve Harrison, Diane Savino, and even a surprise visit by Hillary Clinton. As supportive as he has been, when it came time to replace the outgoing Councilman, a man he considered his friend, he was asked not to run. Luckily that did not dissuade him. With the support of some of the democratic party, he has forged ahead, He was the first to put up a website (www.baker09.com) even before McMahon won the election, the first to officially announce his candidacy….but this isn’t a race of just firsts. This will be a race of who can get their supporters to the polls on February 24th (the Farmer’s Almanac says snowy, then turning milder for that week). Tony has enlisted the support of a variety of people from many walks, professionals, retirees, homemakers, some congregants, young and old, but all dedicated to sending Tony to the city council to be their voice.

Tony has been integral in bringing together Hispanic immigrants and African-Americans in the Port Richmond area to initiate a dialogue that continues today. That dialogue has reduced racial insensitivity and violence in the area. He helped ensure that residents of the former Markham Gardens get the right to return to the newly built homes that have replaced the public housing. As a member of the Board of Richmond University Medical Center, he has unique insight into the health care needs of Staten Island, a fight he vows to win. Tony Baker has worked closely with the District Attorney on anti-crime initiatives including most recently the most successful gun buy-back program New York City has ever had. These are just a small sample of his extensive accomplishments.

I support Tony Baker, not because of his race, not because of his religious beliefs, but because I believe he is truly prepared to lead and ready to serve. Staten Island’s North Shore is ready for change, I have lived on the North Shore my entire life in six different neighborhoods. I have seen many changes in my 44 years, but I anxiously await the next change to take place. Elect Tony Baker for City Council 49th District.


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