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Friday, December 19, 2008

One last look at fund raising numbers

I enjoy the thought of no more FEC reports for a while. So here is hopefully the last recap of this race.

Mike McMahon is sitting on $241,273 with no debt.

Vito Fossella still has $220,326, though he is promising to return almost all of it;

This is in response to the Federal Election Commission's Request for Additional Information (RFAI) regarding the Committee's July Quarterly Report. Based on the RFAI and subsequent conversations with RAD Senior Campaign Finance Analyst Christian Hilland, the Committee to Re-Elect Vito Fossella will refund primary contributions made after May 20, 2008, except to the extent necessary to cover any valid outstanding primary debts, and will refund all general election contributions made to the Committee.

Fossella's treasurer in his report to the FEC claims all refunds would be paid out by Dec 12. What is curious about this is that he did not transfer any large (or any?) amounts at all to the NRCC or republican candidates. Back in September I asked what was he going to do with the money. Apparently the answer is to send a costly message to his party for not being more supportive.

And then there is Domenic Recchia. Recchia continues to sit on about $161,986, all money he can only spend on a federal race and not city council or borough president. Back in July I started asking some questions about what he was planning on doing with that money and so far there have been no answers. With term limits Recchia is obviously looking for his next gig so keeping a congressional run open in the future isn't a terrible idea, especially with Hillary's open Senate seat. Should Gov. Paterson surprise many and say appoint Rep. Nadler, then Recchia's warchest suddenly makes sense. Aside from that I have no clue what Recchia is doing, and I don't think he does either.

All figures are updated in the right hand column.


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