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Sunday, December 14, 2008

Random items from Fossella's trial

There were a few items that slipped past me that have come out with updates from Fossella's trial.

In his October trial Fossella claimed that his hand sanitizer was the cause of his .17 blood alcohol level;

"Later, he went back to his Capitol Hill office and cleaned his hands with Purell, a hand sanitizer that is more than 60 percent ethyl alcohol.

The alcohol in the hand sanitizer led to his elevated blood-alcohol reading, his attorneys said."

Five days is the lightest sentence he could receive;

The maximum penalty on the misdemeanor charge is one year in jail.


...police there tried to give him another blood-alcohol test nearly three hours later. Initially, Fossella "claimed he was not able to perform the test and threatened to defecate on the floor of the police station if he was not allowed to use the restroom,"

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