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Saturday, August 19, 2006

AFL-CIO endorses Harrison

Stephen Harrison picked up the AFL-CIO endorsement. In a signal of the strength of Democratic challengers and a true sign that Democrats are the party of the working class AFL-CIO has bucked some recent trends and has endorseed opponents of incumbents they typically backed in the past. Noteably they have endorsed David Mejias (D) over Rep. King (R) and Eric Massa (D) over Rep. Kuhl. This shift is rather indiciative of what we will see in November, and that is a Democratic Congress who supports an increase in the minimum wage not tied to an Estate Tax and supports the American workers and not trade agreements like CAFTA.

union endorsements for Harrison:
SEIU 1199
United Federation of Teachers
UFCW local 1500

Janele Hyer-Spencer also picked up the AFL-CIO endorsement in her race for the 60th Assembly seat.


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