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Thursday, August 17, 2006

Fossella ducking debates with Harrison

Frustrated that he hadn't received a response to his challenge to a series of debates, Democratic congressional candidate Stephen Harrison yesterday went to the source -- the Grant City campaign headquarters of his opponent, Rep. Vito Fossella -- to make his request in person.

"He has a responsibility to the people of the district and the people of America to engage in these debates," Harrison said before going into the Republican congressman's headquarters on Hylan Boulevard to hand-deliver a letter challenging Fossella to at least four debates.

via Staten Island Advance

While Rep. Vito Fossella (R) wasn't there (skiing?) his campaign manager was and accepted the letter from Harrison (D). While there Harrison held a press conference in the parking lot explaining why it has been so difficult to get Fossella to agree to a debate. Conveniently Fossella's campaign agreed to debate(s) yet idicated they probably would not be available for most of the 8 potential dates Harrison offered. While this is slightly better than the refusal to acknowledge the debate request for the past 20 days, Fossella is still playing games at a cost to his constiuents who benefit from public debates.


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