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Wednesday, October 04, 2006

24th State Senate Race

The SI Advance has a story on Charles Pistor getting the Conservative Party nod in the race for State Senate in the 24th. He will be facing Titone (D) and Lanza (R).

Helbock, Lanza's primary challenger was potentially going to try for the Conservative nomination after disagreement with Lanza's campaign. The story is that the Party, and by that we mean big P, the Republicans in DC reached out and had him drop any thoughts of challenging Lanza on another line for fear of possibly losing another state senate seat. This was rumored to have an air of political infighting between Molinaro's machine (the Borough President) and Fossella's machine, so it makes for an interesting run towards November. So the question is how many votes will Pistor take from anti-Lanza conservatives?

Though the Conservatives interviewed Titone on Friday, borough party chairman Carmine Ragucci said, "Philosophically, there are some issues that separate us," including abortion and the death penalty.

Titone said his Conservative interview "went well."

"I think they learned I'm more moderate than they assumed," he said.

Molinaro said there was no thought of endorsing Lanza in the race.

Matthew Titone for State Senate


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