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Thursday, October 19, 2006

Internal polling woes for Republicans

via TPM;

Did the NRCC tip their hand? The NRCC dropped $163,000 into the PA 4 race -- Hart (R) v. Altmire (D) -- after spending a little under $11,000 on a poll. It sounds like they didn't like what they heard from that poll.

See it is not crazy to think that Fossella is not releaseing his poll he had conducted in August, because the numbers don't look good for him. In fact it is happening all over the country. Republicans are waking up to their own internal polling and not liking what they see. Because of that they are debating, they are attacking, they are realizing they have to campaign just to have a chance at keeping their seat. PA-04 really isn't a race on most people's radar with the 06, 07, 08 and 10th districts grabbing all of the media attention. It is happening in that district and it is happening here.

If you are looking to get involved I am sure the Harrison campaign wants to hear from you;

Staten Island H.Q.
370-A Forest Avenue, Staten Island, NY 10301

Brooklyn H.Q.
544 Bay Ridge Parkway, Brooklyn, NY 11209


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