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Monday, October 30, 2006

NY Times endorses Hyer-Spencer

via NY Times;

State Assembly 60th District (Staten Island Eastern Shore, Bay Ridge in Brooklyn). Matthew Mirones’s decision to leave the Assembly has given Janele Hyer-Spencer, a Democrat, another crack at the seat she competed for two years ago.

Her Republican opponent, Anthony Xanthakis, a partner in an insurance litigation law firm, did not respond to requests for an interview. Except for a few public appearances and the odd negative flyer about his opponent, Mr. Xanthakis, who served as counsel to Mr. Mirones, appears not to be mounting a very active campaign.

Ms. Hyer-Spencer, who resides in the Great Kills section of Staten Island, is a highly regarded, tough-minded lawyer and advocate on family issues. She is an admitted policy wonk who understands the minutia of local issues, including how to best win a cemetery for veterans on Staten Island. She has a record of standing up for what she believes, which should serve her constituents well. Ms. Hyer-Spencer wins our endorsement.

the Trifecta:
Janele Hyer-Spencer
Stephen Harrison
Matthew Titone


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