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Sunday, October 29, 2006

Fossella didn't stand up to this administration

via New Castle News;

If you think President Bush is doing a fine job managing the war on terror, controlling the cost of government and generally making America and its people more secure and prosperous, you can re-elect the incumbents.

But if you -- like this newspaper -- are horrified at the incompetent, arrogant and downright delusional behavior of the Bush administration, change is absolutely crucial.


By any objective measure, the Bush administration has made a mess of things. And contrary to its claims, the world will be a far more dangerous place when this president's term ends in two years. The administration has failed miserably to unify the world against Islamic radicals, undercut the efforts of Islamic moderates and stood by as the real threat of nuclear proliferation has mushroomed in North Korea.

Meanwhile, the administration's true abilities were on display last year in the days leading up to -- and following -- Hurricane Katrina. And although the White House is now touting its economic success, its main claim to fame is a ballooning of the federal deficit.

It's easy to boost the economy in the short term when you're borrowing on future generations. What happens when the bill comes due? Despite some short-term success in trimming the deficit, the long-range figures are a looming disaster. And the Bush administration is doing nothing to address them.

But the administration is not alone in its manhandling of American domestic and foreign policy. A compliant, Republican-controlled Congress has gone along, with barely a peep of protest.

Some people, Rep. Vito Fossella included are wondering why a candidate like Stephen Harrison are showing the connections of the incumbent Fossella and the President, saying a Congressional race is not about the President's failures. As the above article points out a Congressional race is about whether or not those incumbents stood up to this administration in its many many mistakes; Iraq, Social Security, Katrina, or whether they sat by idly and did what the administration said instead of what their constituents wanted. If you think the President has been successful, by all means vote for Rep. Fossella, however if you are growing frustrated with its failures ask yourself what Rep. Fossella has done to makes things better. If you are unsure, maybe you should take a long look at Stephen Harrison.


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