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Saturday, October 28, 2006

Titone up in polls

Bouldin over at Daily Gotham speculates as much;

Further down the ballot, the only question is whether Democrats retake the state Senate in 2006 or 2008. It's already the case that republican Senators just aren't being allowed to retire, and when they do – see the Staten Island race for Marchi's seat – the seat goes Democratic, as polls I've seen indicate will be the case. When the Senate flips, of course, it's over for the other side.

This is a larger article discussing the prospects of the damage to the Republican party due to the success of Democrats for state wide office and the prospects that Democrats will increase there 20 of 29 seat standing in Congressional seats. We approached the topic similarly in a prior post;

Should Vito lose this seat, one has to imagine he can lose any hopes of advancing his political career, be it mayoral aspirations or others. Not only would Republicans lose this seat, but it would cause major damage to the Republican party on Staten Island. This year we see Titone and Hyer-Spencer in tight races and causing trouble for Republicans. Should Vito lose, we could see a greater schism with the Republican and Conservative parties and that start to the downfall of the Republican leadership on the island.

Matthew Titone for State Senate


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