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Friday, July 13, 2007

Fossella staunchly supports Bush

The withdraw of troops from Iraq is not a partisan issue. The belief that we should bring our troops home and commend them for their sacrifice is not a partisan issue. However the desire to continue to stay embedded in Iraq and to continue to put our troops at risk is clearly a Rep. Vito Fossella and Bush priority.

Two leading Republican senators say they will demand President Bush offer a plan to start reducing U.S. forces in Iraq by the end of the year.


"Our amendment mandates that the administration immediately initiate planning for post-September contingencies, including a drawdown or redeployment of forces," Lugar's statement says. "It requires those plans to be presented to Congress by October 16 of this year, and it states that the plans should be designed to be executable beginning not later than December 31." [via CNN]

You can be a Republican and oppose Rep. Vito Fossella's absolute failure to support our troops.

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