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Monday, July 16, 2007

Fossella's Q2 fundraising, still in DEBT

Q2 Fundraising numbers are in for Rep. Vito Fossella. Q2 covers April-June 2007.

Net Contributions: 151,275.00
Net Expenditures: 124,783.82
Cash on Hand: 106,751.87
DEBT: 117,771.01

At the end of Q1 Fossella had posted these somewhat troubling numbers:

Net Contributions: 133,150.00
Net Expenditures: 62,167.12
Cash on Hand: 82,885.69
DEBT: 173,750.46

While he had a better fundraising quarter, he doubled his expenditures. Once again Fossella is being forced to pay down his debt carried over from 2006. He paid off $56k of his debt this quarter and will at this rate conceivably be net positive by Q1 of 2008. Once again the Democrats are wasting away the chance to be running away with fundraising race here while Fossella is weighed down with his debt burden. Overall his numbers show enormous weakness that is waiting to be exploited. He was out raised by many challengers on both sides of the aisles in other less expensive Congressional seats in New York. Additionally he is virtually tied for last place in Cash on Hand among ALL incumbents and challengers in New York.



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