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Tuesday, July 17, 2007

SIBRO Civic Association launches tomorrow

excerpts from SIBRO's press release;

"Brooklyn Attorney Steve Harrison and Staten Island educator Mark Zink will announce the forming of the SIBRO Civic Association in a 7 PM July 18 press conference at the Staten Island South Beach Boardwalk Gazebo overlooking Southwest Brooklyn.

SIBRO (Staten Island/Brooklyn) Civic Association is dedicated to narrowing the Narrows and bridging the gap between people who live on opposite sides of the bridge, focusing issues that impact Staten Island and Southwest Brooklyn residents together."

"SIBRO Civic will be a forum for people on both sides of the bridge to discuss issues of common interest from bike paths and tolls to flight noise over the district.

“We’ll be a fact finding group in many ways says Harrison, seeking to identify issues that effect both sides of the districts involved. We’ll attempt to separate fact from fiction so people can make up their minds on good information, not rumor. We should work together to get the most for the entire district we can. The bridge presents a barrier to that goal and SIBRO Civic is chartered to break down that barrier. That’s what it’s all about.”

You can catch them on WOR tomorrow morning at 6:35am and later this week on NY1.

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