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Thursday, October 18, 2007

Vito Fossella's Q3 numbers

Monday was the filing deadline for congressional candidates for their third quarter (July-Sept 2007) finances. Here are Fossella's Q3 numbers (caution links to a PDF):

Net Contributions: $98,735
Net Expenditures: $152,910
Cash on Hand: $50,286
DEBT: $73,582

For comparison here are his Q2 numbers;

Net Contributions: 151,275.00
Net Expenditures: 124,783.82
Cash on Hand: 106,751.87
DEBT: 117,771.01

And Q1 2007

Net Contributions: 133,150.00
Net Expenditures: 62,167.12
Cash on Hand: 82,885.69
DEBT: 173,750.46

In all, his third quarter numbers show is lowest fund raising numbers of 2007, $50k less than Q2, a rather sizable drop off. He for the first time in 2007 has spent well more than he brought in, truly showing his 'fiscal conservatism' and once again increasing his net expenditures. And again he ends the quarter with more debt than cash on hand. It is going to take him well into the Q2 of 2008 just to break even and pay off all the debt he has carried while Stephen Harrison and Domenic Recchia have positive net cash flows and both are already ahead in the money game, even with Recchia raising nothing to date for this race.

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