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Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Giuliani's poor showing is bad news for Vito Fossella

via the NY Sun;

Rudolph Giuliani's decision to largely abandon the early voting state of New Hampshire and concentrate his efforts on the Florida primary three weeks later reflects an uncomfortable truth for the former New York mayor: The more he campaigned in the Granite State and the more he spent on advertising there, the more his poll numbers dropped.


He must now be sure to win Florida on January 29 to capture its large cache of delegates, as part of a strategy that sees him withdrawing from the smaller early states in favor of states such as New York, California, and Florida, which send large numbers of delegates to the nominating convention.

However, the wisdom of that strategy was cast in doubt yesterday by the latest poll in Mr. Giuliani's home state of New York showing the mayor's lead over his nearest Republican rivals cut by 11 points.

Any decline by Rudy is good news for Harrison and Recchia. Should Giuliani win the Republican nomination it will be a difficult, maybe impossible road ahead for the Democrats here as Rudy will undoubtedly run extremely well in Staten Island and easily poll several points above any other Republican candidate. As I discussed in my very first post Fossella and Bush pulled nearly identical numbers in each AD back in 2004 while the Democratic candidate Frank Barbaro saw down ballot attrition caused by John Kerry voters turning out to the polls in large numbers but not voting past the office of President. In another presidential year the Democrats benefit from a Republican Presidential candidate that does not excite New Yorkers.

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