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Wednesday, December 19, 2007

LTE: Disappointment in Katrina Aid

A recent LTE in the Advance;

I would like all the do-gooders who have voiced their opinion that the government didn't do enough for the people who were affected by Hurricane Katrina, to take a look at the Advance article of Dec. 4 regarding the $500 million in fraud that was stolen from the American people. You can hardly blame these people for taking the money that was literally thrown at them by the government.


We were conned and the government was a knowing accomplice to this huge ripoff. Human nature, I guess, caused these people to take and steal in the wake of a tragic incident. It does not bode well for the reputations that they left behind. Unbelievable!

On top of loses in funding we have people like Rep. Fossella who despite mismanagement of funding and despite the lingering massive need for more help, voting against anything that would help those still struggling in a post
Katrina life
. Human nature may explain why people took the money, but it can not begin to explain the lack of compassion Rep. Vito Fossella has shown the victims.

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