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Monday, December 17, 2007

LTE: Flag waving won't help veterans

From a recent LTE in the Advance;

It is nice to hear that Elizabeth Hasselbeck of the "The View" has had a healthy baby boy, but is this top news?

Meanwhile, our soldiers are being treated like nothing upon their return from their duty -- hospitals in poor conditions; waiting hours and hours for a doctor to see them within uncomfortable, metal hospital beds.

Our soldiers are being demolished for no reason except for greed and for oil's sake! How long are we going to wait before it gets even worse? Just put out your flag. That will solve everything -- while these soldiers are maimed, and without proper veterans' benefits for themselves and their families.

For those of you no longer interested in just waving a flag and saying support our troops, Rep. Fossella has a solution. Window signs! You can do both with just one sign and not tire your arm. Thanks Vito Fossella!

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