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Thursday, December 13, 2007

Sunlight in the Thirteenth District

via Sunlight Projects;

Beginning in 2006, the Sunlight Foundation launched the Punch Clock Campaign, asking all candidates for congressional office – challengers and incumbents – to promise, if elected, to post their daily schedules on the Internet. Lawmakers who agree to share their schedules, including who they've met with and why, show that they are responsive, open, transparent and above all accountable, leading to greater public trust.

Inspired by the 60 percent of Americans who 'punch a clock' to account for their time at work, Sunlight asked why members of Congress should not also account for their time to their employers: the citizens they represent. With the aid of ordinary people across the country, Sunlight asked candidates to sign a pledge to post their schedules on the Internet once elected.

Check out the map (http://punchclockmap.sunlightprojects.org/) today. Are your members of Congress missing from the map? If so, please call them today and ask them to post their daily schedule on their Web sites.

Currently Rep. Fossella is not working with the Sunlight Foundation or independently making his schedule publicly available. Feel free to contact his office and encourage him to do so. Congress works for you not themselves.

As for Steve Harrison and Domenic Recchia feel free to let me know if their campaigns are willing to sign onto the Punch Clock campaign.

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