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Saturday, January 12, 2008

More Rudy

Poor Vito. If only Giuliani could wrap up the Republican nomination Fossella would probably gain several percentage points in his re-election attempt. But he just keeps getting bad news;

...the [Conservative] party is likely to give an early nod to Fred Thompson if he manages to "break through" in South Carolina.

and more bad news;

CNN has learned that top staff members of Rudy Giuliani's presidential campaign were asked to work without pay for the month of January, and perhaps longer, so that campaign resources could be focused on the Florida Republican presidential primary.

Two sources in the campaign, speaking on condition of anonymity, insisted the campaign was not in dire financial straits. A third campaign source, however, said "things are starting to get tight" and that "it was more telling than asking" the senior staff to forgo paychecks beginning the first of the year.

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