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Thursday, January 10, 2008

Vito Fossella is out of Money

I have covered Rep. Vito Fossella's financial hardships thus far in his campaign in several posts;

Fossella in Financial Trouble and Denial
Fossella in Financial Trouble and Denial, part II
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Now is the summation of those diaries leading up to his 4Q FEC filings which looks like it will be out Monday or Tuesday. Vito Fossella was broke at the end of 3Q 2007. Broke.

The Congressman's filings show $50,286 Cash on Hand but further analysis of these numbers show that $50,050 are restricted to General Election spending meaning he is unable to touch that money until after the Primary Election in September 2008. Fossella is simultaneously raising money for his Primary Election and his General Election. The General Election money though can't be touched no matter what financial hardships might fall on him.

At the end of September, the last month we have financial records for, Rep. Vito Fossella had a total of $236. There are no zeros missing from that. Two hundred and thirty-six dollars. Considering he has to pay utilities, rent and salaries to name several large expenditures he would need to put all his initial fund raising of 4Q immediately to bills. Not the way you want to run a re-election campaign.

Here is Vito Fossella's $50,050 restricted to his General Election;
Gina Addeo, $2,300 (4/30/07)

Geradri Campitiello, $2,300 (07/31/07)

John Celiberti, Jr., $2,300 (04/30/07)

Charles DeMarco, $2,100 (03/19/07)

Mario DiBiase, $1,000 (03/19/07)

Dennis Hansen, $2,300 (06/21/07)

Robert Golden, $1,650 (03/19/07)

Andrew Leider, $2,300 (02/23/07)

Raymond Masucci, $2,300 (06/30/07)

Michael Miglino, $2,300 (06/14/07)

Clare Miley, $2,300 (04/30/07)

Maureen Moore, $2,100 (03/19/07)

Alice Noce, $200 (02/13/07)

Lisa Noce, $200 (02/13/07)

Anthony Santo, $2,300 (03/20/07)

Susan Scimore, $2,300 (06/14/07)

Mufeed Siad, $2,300 (06/29/07)

Michael Sulivan, $2,300 (04/30/07)

Anthony Tranchina, $2,300 (03/03/07)

George Wade, $2,300 (03/19/07)

Stuart Waldman, $2,300 (03/30/07)

Harold Weinberg, $700 (03/30/07)

Edward Welsh, $700 (06/04/07)

Jamshad Wyne, $2,300 (06/30/07)

Joseph Zahriyeh, $2,300 (06/29/07)

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