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Friday, February 01, 2008

Recchia's 4Q Filing

The first good sign of Domenic Recchia's viability in this race came with his FEC filing.

4Q 2007
Net Q: $220,770
Net: $220,770
CoH: $206,451
Debt: $0

• Recchia trails Rep. Vito Fossella by about $70,000 $43,000 or $16,000 when you consider Fossella's debt.
• Recchia's disbursements/expenditure rate is well below Fossella's, $90,000 less

update: I have added Recchia to the sunlight tool in the right column. Note that those totals are total contributions not cash on hand. The numbers are a lot closer than it looks because Fossella has a small spending problem. He can't be trusted with his own money, should he be trusted with yours?

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