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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

How cute, the NRCC thinks they will be able to help

The NRCC trails the DCCC $45 million to $6 million. The NRCC taking a cue from Fossella actually went down in cash on hand from March to April. But that won't deter them;

NRCC Chairman Tom Cole (R-Ok.) stopped short of promising campaign cash, but made it clear the GOP will do what it takes to protect the coveted House seat. “The National Republican Congressional Committee will be working quickly to ensure we have a solid Republican contender that will win in November,” he said.

Way to go Republicans. While you can't promise Donovan or Lanza money because you have none you are offering smiles and sunshine. Meanwhile the DCCC has an idea of what to do with their $39 million cash advantage;

“This is very much on our radar screen and we expect it will be one of the most competitive races in the country, so the answer is yes,” DCCC Chairman Chris Van Hollen told the Daily News when asked if the DCCC will help finance the race.

Good news though for Republicans. While the party won't be able to infuse any cash in this race they are planning on turning to people who for what ever reason aren't giving them money and ask them to give money directly to the candidates.
via Washington Post;

The party will step up its efforts to establish special fundraising committees for seats with contested GOP primaries occurring late in the season, which will raise cash that will automatically go to the eventual nominees. This fairly common practice will prevent those nominees from starting the general election race at a financial disadvantage after a costly primary. This effort will be led by Rep. Pete Sessions (Texas), who lost to Cole in the race to chair the NRCC for this Congress.

My condolences to Donovan and Lanza. But is it really worth giving up your office to jump into a race where you are almost assured to have less cash than your Democratic challenger?

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