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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Frank Powers and the MTA out of touch with district residents

Frank Powers is still fleecing the residents of this district who struggle with transportation costs. via the Advance;

With the MTA being a favorite punching bag of borough residents and lawmakers, Powers said that he would surrender the free E-ZPass he received as a perk of his service on the authority board and would reimburse the MTA for any tolls he's rung up.

"It's the right thing to do," Powers said.

This wasn't the right thing for Powers to do until he started running for office. If it was the right thing to do all along why did he not turn it down, considering he is so rich he is about to loan himself $500,000 for this race. He certainly could afford to pay a few bridge tolls if he wanted, but he didn't. Frank Powers was above paying tolls.

The MTA has been slammed for giving out the lifetime passes, with some top officials getting as many as seven to give out to family members and friends.

Powers called the controversy "a big deal over nothing," and said he was the only person who used his agency E-ZPass.

Since giving up his E-ZPass is the right thing to do and this is all a big deal over nothing how soon until Powers requests that all of his fellow MTA board members give up their E-ZPass and reimburse their expenses as well? I hope he continues this "a big deal over nothing" theme because that will resonate so well with the hard working constituents of this district. Just how out of touch with the real world is Frank Powers?

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