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Wednesday, July 09, 2008

July 10th is here

So petitions to get on the primary ballot are due today. Let's quickly recap where our Republican friends are;

Bob Straniere, former Assemblyman who was primaried and sent home from Albany by the powers that be in his own party lives in Manhattan. He promises to actually move into the district should he win. How thoughtful.

Paul Atanasio, Brooklyn Conservative Party nominee who might be cross endorsed is not a registered Republican. How are his prospects;

“Our people have been out there working hard in gathering petitions day and night for Paul Atanasio,” said Brooklyn GOP leader Eaton. “It’s a difficult process with the holiday weekend, the heat and the rain, but we’re working hard to get him on the ballot.” He could not specify the number of signatures collected, hinting it could be close.

And that leaves us with Jamshad Wyne, the GOP Finance Chair, who the GOP so dislike as a candidate they actually are looking at the two guys above as alternatives.

Here is hoping one of them actually makes the ballot to keep us entertained through November. Happy July 10th!

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